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Death selling pizza at sacrifce night/ Offering - painting.


The artist's largest painting to date, this triptych is made on found wood and is painted both sides to form two separate works.

'Death selling pizza at sacrifice night' was completed in 2011 using acrylic, spray paint stencils, ink and oil pastel and is made available here to own for the first time since it was completed by now London based artist Carp Matthew in 2011. It forms a series of large triptychs made around the same time focusing on themes of mortality, faith, politics, consumer culture and the nature of reality through figurative images and occult symbolism.

On the reverse sits another triptych, 'Offering', completed in 2013 in north London, again using acrylic, ink, spray painted stencils and oil pastel.

Being found wood, the panels have some minor imperfections and several drill holes made during it's previous life although they are small and few. The wood is approximately 1.5cm thick the two side panels are 112x90cm each whilst the side panel measures 112x60cm.

Shipping fees are included in the listed price.

The photographs added show each triptych one above the other from left to right and either side of the larger panels in detail.